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for regional Queensland businesses

Full-Service Marketing Consultancy

Regional QLD Marketing Services is a small consultancy with big ideas specialising in complete marketing solutions that are grounded in strategy.

How Can I Help You?

Your business is always the best place to start answering that question. Choose the industry that best describes what you do and let’s find out more…

tourism & events

I work with clients that transform locations into destinations and spaces into amazing places.

rural & agribusiness

I work with clients who think of the agriculture sector as more than just a commodity chain.

transport & industrial

I work with clients who pride themselves on having professional operations that set the standard for their industry.

property & construction

I work with clients who place high value being part of a sustainable and responsible approach to development

clubs & community groups

I work with organisations who are dedicated to making regional communities better places to live.

small businesses

I work with clients who have small businesses but big goals and professional values.

I live here too…

Regional Queensland Marketing Services is based in the iconic Queensland city of Bundaberg. I choose to live, run my business, and raise my family in regional Queensland. I am focused on serving regional businesses and the community.


Ph David Wise 0427 360293
P.O Box 8184, Bargara QLD 4670

Industries We Work With

Tourism & Events
Rural & Agribusiness
Transport & Industrial
Property & Construction
Clubs & Community Groups
Small Businesses